Email Marketing SriLanka
:: Email Marketing SriLanka
E mail marketing can be termed in its simplest format as an effective forum to market products & services to a specific or targeted group of customers by utilizing electronic mail or communication.
Gifts Baskets Onsale
:: Gifts Baskets Onsale
Now you can order gifts to Sri Lanka, hampers and much more from first Sri Lanka gift store designed and established in Sri Lanka. We deliver your order to loved ones in Sri Lanka with delivery confirmation. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Sri Lanka Store Connecting Expatriates with Sri Lanka

Alston Koch
Alston Koch began his professional career in Australia with DARK TAN in 1975.He received his first Gold Disc with DISCO LADY in 1977 and continuously toured the continent to 'Full Houses' until 1980 when he launched his solo career by signing up with RCA Records.

Brushes and Needles
:: Brushes and Needles
b & n is a well-established team with over 20 years of experience in the fields of apparels & textiles. our vast knowledge on fabric weaving, dyeing, printing, garment manufacturing & washing stirred us to turn out to be experts in mending damage fabric / garments, colour shade repairing (running shade) & remove stains.

LankaFood Export
:: LankaFood Export
The export of fruit and vegetables has become the fourth largest revenue earner for the country after tea, rubber and coconut. The fruit and vegetable industry has been earning over Rs.3,000 billion annually with a 96 percent local added value.
Cafe Che Online
:: Cafe Che Online
Revolutionary inspirations combined with new world cuisine, Café Che, Colombo's retro Cuban-themed restaurant joins forces with Raffles to stir up the latest revolution to hit the town, one that you can savour and enjoy, satisfying even the most insatiable taste buds.
Good Eye For Color
::Good Eye For Color
First, click on the stores above to browse through the collections. Second, check out each "Color Board" complete with fabric swatches and paint chips ~ each colorized by an experienced interior designer. Finally, purchase your "Color Board." Each includes all of the info you will need to buy the perfect paint ~ brands, names and numbers. Everything printed from your own printer. So start painting!
Micronet Global Services
::Micronet Global Services
Micronet Global Services was incorporated in 2010 is primary engaged in On-site Manpower Deployment Services.Our On-site Manpower Deployment Services (OMDS) opens a new horizon for all our clients to gain a competitive edge in its Industry. Most of the corporate entities minimize employee costs by accessing specialized skilled staff from us. Further these corporate entities can allocate more time on their core business, saving time and money in recruitment and hiring.
Lakvidu Viduhala
Making history for the first time in Sri-Lanka a school has been opened in Gothamipura , Colombo 08 called " Lakvidu Viduhala " primarily with the concept of helping street children of our country. This school has been founded & established by the Dharmayathanaya Arakshaka Sabhawa in collaboration with the Police Department on the aspiration & directions of Ven. Elle Gunawansa Thero & it was declared opened by the First Lady Madam Shiranthi Rajapaksa on June 17th of 2009.
To expand revenue generation through lotteries in order to increase Contributions for the Economic and Social Development and also for the improvement of the living conditions of the people.
S.O.M.E Ministry
:: Save Energy Systems, Inc.
Save Energy Systems, Inc. is dedicated to delivering simple, innovative solutions that reduce energy costs for businesses. The Demand Limiting Controller (DLC) evolved from the frustrations Mr. Laskow (company founder) had while running his own small manufacturing business. Mr. Laskow found that the demand charge fee on the electric bill was significant, sometimes approaching half the total bill.

S.O.M.E Ministry
:: S.O.M.E Ministry
The Sermon On the Mount Evangelistic (S.O.M.E.) Ministry is focused only on the section of New Testament scripture known as the Sermon on the Mount. This scripture can be found in the Book of Matthew, verses 5 through 7. This website provides a number of useful resources that will assist the serious Bible student in gaining a deep understanding of this section of the Holy Scriptures.

Turn your project into reality, no matter what it is. Working capital and investment for your business, including franchises and medical practices. Remodel your home or office. Invest in your kids' college. Pay medical expenses or any other project you have!

PhotoBrainiac's web site is dedicated to having fun and to providing a fair and easy way to gain some extra spending money without having to buy anything or jump through any hoops. We have nothing to sell or promote. We rely completely on your support of our partners for our site's income and the prize money. The best picture wins a featured spot on the specific Photo Contest page, on our home page for a month, and on our Facebook page, and...$money$.

Red Label Enterprises was established in 2003 and has been a premier entertainment company for the past 8 years. We specialize in weddings, corporate events, house parties, fraternity / sorority parties, school dances, bar/bat mitzvah, birthday parties, anniversary, and all your special events. We have established a reputation of being the premier Music Entertainment Company in Southern California.
Listen to live radio from Sri Lankan Radio, request Sri Lankan Songs and listen to Sri Lankan News as well as Tamil songs as it happens. Send us your request and will play it for you.
Online-Degree.com provides you with access to the top Online College Degree programs in the US. Regardless if you are looking for an Associates Degree, Bachelors Degree, Masters Degree, Phd or a Graduate Degree in Law or Medicine we can provide
Everything Silver Blog
:: Apple tree art and design
Art Design
Everything Silver Blog
:: International project fundamentals course
A few years ago we were deploying a global project for Exxon/Mobil. When we came to install the Egyptian site: trouble.
Everything Silver Blog
Welcome to TOP NAMES - Your premier marketplace providing Business Domain Names, Domain Brokerage Services, and Business Identity Branding. Our name says it all – Top Names for businesses and industries around the globe.
Everything Silver Blog
:: Etobicoke karate
We are an Official Branch Of The Okinawa Goju Ryu Jundokan So Honbu Dojo in Okinawa, Japan Karate is a self defense art not merely a sport. We practice real karate and real martial arts which develops a Sharp Mind, Strong Healthy Body and Indomitable Spirit.
Everything Silver Blog
Our mission is to provide Quality Legal Services by the best Lawyers in Sri Lanka for the international and local business communities, entrepreneurs, and investors who seek Legal Services in Sri Lanka and especially for the Sri Lankan community which lives around the world.
Baron & Associates Appraisal Services LLC
:: Baron & Associates Appraisal Services LLC
Baron & Associates Appraisal Services LLC and Baron of Antiques are a personal property appraisal, estate sale, consignment and brokerage firm located in Melbourne, FL USA. We serve Central Florida, the state of Florida, and the Southeast United States. I can help solve your personal property valuation and liquidation needs.
BleachBright Pro
Thank you for your interest in BleachBrightPRO, the most comprehensive whitening and oral care system available. Our 3 in 1 system features a chair side whitening procedure that will produce stunning results in just two 15 minute sessions plus a home whitening system for prevention of relapse and an on-the-go whitening and enamel strengthening pen.

:: We Teach Carpet Cleaning.
There is no other business that you can own and put cash in your pocket tomorrow! No other business opportunity lets you recover your entire investment in weeks! Besides that, the Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning business is the perfect Home Based Business. It's also portable, and in great demand more today than ever before and you can start your own
Optimal Performance Athlete
:: Optimal Performance Athlete
A year ago, Gary Null, Ph.D, and Luanne Pennesi, RN/MS shared their decades of experience in nutrition, holistic medecine, and elite level running with a group of runners in Southern California.
Gift Baskets Plus
Welcome to our store! Here you will find a stunning array of products for every occasion, theme, and special needs including: holidays, foods, showing thoughtfulness, unique ideas, and popular best sellers. As well as our extensive range of high quality products, you'll find that each one contains many more items then just the main product itself. We like to surprise our customers and put smiles on their faces!
:: PrintSteals.com
In today's economy, all businesses are looking to reduce overhead and operational costs. Printed marketing materials such as business cards, flyers and brochures to name a few, are essential marketing tools to any business.
Boston Guitar Lesson by Berklee College of Music Graduate Dave Reffett
:: Boston Guitar Lesson by Dave Reffett
Dave Reffett was born in Blue River, Kentucky in 1983 and grew up in the coalfields of the Appalachian Mountains. Being secluded grew to be somewhat of a blessing for Dave because at age 13 when he became obsessed with playing music...
Graduate to Riches
Revealed: Secrets to Overcoming the Barriers Preventing Them From Transforming Their Potential Into Performance in ALL Areas of Their Life!
Daisy Teacup Poodles
We Produce some of the cuttest Teddy Bear Face Poodles!! I breed for Quality, disposition and Temperament. We take pride in how sweet and smart our babies are! Our Babies are special because we are completely dedicated to them and we make sure that you get a sweet, healthy puppy that will bring you many years of companionship and Happiness!
Randytitony Certified Life Coach
:: Randytitony Certified Life Coach
A Life Coach works with you over the phone, often in weekly sessions, to partner with you in identifying what you really want, finding your innermost values and goals, encouraging you to take action, and helping you achieve success.
Accomplish the Impossible
:: Accomplish the Impossible
Process Magic is our exciting way we work with teams to help them communicate and succeed in completing a process by understanding how their process works. Using Whole system strategies outlined in the book "Accomplish the Impossible", we find real answers to pressing concerns. The system we use demonstrates how to apply continuous improvement in a simple way.
Integrated Design Solutions
Integrate online ordering, personalization, production and fulfillment with a multi-channel web services solution that automates these processes for your end users. Integrated Design Solutions provides the full range of services including: job submission and tracking, development of customizable storefronts and template design, variable data publishing (VDP) functionality, campaign management, mailing list purchasing, digital asset management, printing, inventory control and integration with production workflow.
Moon Walk Central
Moonwalk Central is a family operated business that offers inflatable moonwalk rentals in Houston, also known as, bouncers, jumpers or bounce houses to name a few. We can deliver and set it up for your party or event and you don't have to lift a finger. We also rent snow cone machines, cotton candy machines and popcorn machines. Our inflatable bouncers will arrive clean and in good condition.
Director Ellie Kanner
:: Director Ellie Kanner
Ellie Kanner has 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. She directed the independent feature film, CRAZYLOVE, (which debuted at the Hollywood film festival in October 2005 and had its American broadcast premiere on Lifetime on Valentine's Day, 2006) and she just had her third film released, the dark romantic comedy, Wake, starring Bijou Phillips, Ian Somerhalder, Danny Masterson and Jane Seymour.
Ultreya Rehabilitation
:: Ultreya Rehabilitation
ULTREYA rehabilitation is a premier provider of skilled rehabilitative services, with clinicians from the fields of physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech-language pathology. Based in Oklahoma City, ULTREYA covers the state and partners with long-term care facilities, hospitals and outpatient physical therapy clinics to deliver exceptional care with outstanding outcomes.
Bleach Bright - Spanish
NEST Investment Group is a fee-based investment advisor based in Illinois. NEST Investment Group manages portfolios uniquely designed for each client on a flat fee basis through the client's own accounts at Interactive Brokers and Scottrade; and provides investment coaching to "do-it-yourself" investors on an hourly fee basis.
Bleach Bright - Spanish
:: Bleach Bright - Spanish
Although more than 200 business-savvy dentists have enhanced their practices by offering the BleachBright Teeth Whitening System, you do not have to be a dentist to become a BleachBright dealer. In fact, there are now more than 3000 non-dentist BleachBright dealers, serving more than 32 foreign countries - and now it's your turn to add to that growing list. Bleach Bright - Spanish
HepBMoms.org - A resource for moms about hepatitis B
:: HepBMoms.org
There are 370 million people worldwide chronically infected with hepatitis B, the leading cause of liver cancer. The majority of those with chronic infection acquired it from mother-to-child transmission at birth or during early childhood. A million people die of this disease every year, but it is entirely preventable through vaccinations and protective shots given at birth.
:: Bleach Bright
Although more than 200 business-savvy dentists have enhanced their practices by offering the BleachBright Teeth Whitening System, you do not have to be a dentist to become a BleachBright dealer. In fact, there are now more than 3000 non-dentist BleachBright dealers, serving more than 32 foreign countries - and now it's your turn to add to that growing list.
:: Lankem Robbialac
LANKEM PAINTS is the culmination of over two-decade process of evolution and growth that began in 1984. Today we have become the most sought after color provider by understanding the specific color needs of our nation.
Welcome to Navigator Remarketing Group ("NRG"). NRG specializes is re-selling repossessed motorcycles providing an unusual opportunity for retail consumers to purchase nearly-new Harley Davidson's, custom and production chopper's at wholesale pricing. Our pre-owned motorcycles are in showroom condition and priced significantly lower than comparables in the market. We invite you to preview and purchase our inventory online. Paying retail is for amateurs. 
We have been your neighbors in East Tennessee for over 20 years and with five locations to serve you, expert tire and auto service is just moments away with a huge inventory of the top brands to meet any need. C & D Tire offers a variety of tires, custom wheels, repair, and services to enhance your vehicle's performance.
We specialize in enagement, lifestyle and wedding photography. an expert in capturing images with genuine emotions and un-posed energy, our style is often called wedding photojournalism but we call it "REAL".
:: Giving Back Promotions
Grow retail sales one purchase at a time. Our innovative card programs can help your store grow sales, increase customer loyalty, and create buzz in the local community.
BleachBright is a state-of-the-art technology developed by leading cosmetic dentists to whiten your teeth! This unique, professional and cost-effective product tam just minutes to create a brilliantly whiter smile. BleachBright has revolutionized the art of teeth whitening with our new at home teeth whitening system which can give users results that rival those of advanced clinical dental whitening procedures Turn your teeth from subdued to stunning and get the professional solution for your teeth. Now that is something to smile about!
UV Bleach Bright
We at Quality Quote Insurance are ready to take your information to give you a quick quote with various companies for all of your insurance needs for both personal or business. 
UV Bleach Bright
BleachBright, the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of teeth whitening products proudly announces the newest member of their amazing product lineup: UVBleachBright! The company has continued developing trendsetting products since its inception in 2006 and UVBleachBright is the most impressive ever seen in the tanning industry.
Played from a distance of 15 feet, Teeter Toss is an easy to play family fun game for all ages. With our unique patent pending teetering boards and twice as many holes than cornhole for more scoring opportunities, your family and friends are guaranteed to have lots of fun. Our boards can also be played vertically and horizontally!
Light of Asia Foundation
The Light of Asia Foundation is a non profit organization based in Sri Lanka focused on the advancement of Buddhism throughout the world through audio visual media.
Sherman Johnson better known as C-Aphilyated is the founder and C.E.O of I AM Records based out of Oklahoma City. The worldwide vision for I AM is defined as God forever it comes from bible scripture Exodus 3:14 “ And GOD said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and he said, Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel , I AM hath sent me unto you” .
Godnet tv ::GODNET TV
GODNET is a Christian multi-media network with primary goal of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ to current and future generations. GODNET provides Christians an alternative to secular media, by creating and broadcasting wholesome and original programming for the entire family that coincides with the lifestyle of a Christian believer.
Roofing And Remodeling Specialists Of Oklahoma
Our roofing section tells you what roofing styles and materials are popular, how to winterize and waterproof your roof, how to apply new shingles, how to make minor roof repairs, and when it’s time to forgo the repairs yourself and call a professional roofer.
Cocofina :: FRUITFINA Ltd
At Fruitfina, we don’t waste your time with preservatives. We get right down to the pit, seed, and core of the matter. We want you to spend your time drinking in fruit-filled health rather than ingredients that a nuclear physicist couldn’t even pronounce. That’s what a natural is supposed to be - the way nature intended it.
James L.O Leary II
we aim to provide each client with superior personal injury legal services. From start to finish "Jim" will lead you confidently through the legal process.
Unique Cancept Designs By SJW
Unique Concept will do just that, create a unique experience to reflect your personality and compliment your lifestyle for years to come. No job is too big or small .We specialize in Interior Decorating, Home Staging, and complete home renovation.
A Profitable and easy fundraiser for any group is photography fundraising. Putting together a portrait fundraiser
is actually quite simple. Here's some tips on how to do your own or enhance one conducted by an outside company.
A nationally recognized source of debt portfolios. Portfolio Assurance Group provides buyers the opportunity to purchase primarily charged-off debt portfolios assigned to PAG directly from the issuer. PAG is not a broker. We do not resell portfolios sold to us by other agencies. The portfolios we sell are direct from the companies originating the debt.
Miracle Within Ultrasound in Edmond, Oklahoma uses brand new cutting edge 3D and 4D ultrasound technology to bring images of your unborn baby to life. You can actually see what your baby is going to look like before he or she is born!