A content management system (also known as a backend) is a tool designed for  easy maintenance and updating of a website or web based system. The backend would be developed in a language of the client’s preference (.NET, PHP, Java… etc) and would consist of a sub domain of the specified URL of the site.

This is a simple program that would have its own personalized user names and 
login details with user friendly interfaces for the client to maintain his/her site by 
themselves. Therefore, this will eliminate the need to contact Okwebmaster or 
any other technically qualified personnel to make modifications and updates on the site.

A backend could offer the customer

• Easy text, image and video updates on the site
• Easy access to corporate emails
• Managing customer relationships through email databases
• General maintenance and backup of the site



Whether it is a web or standalone application that you are looking for, Okwebmaster is the correct choice. With a team of experts, we offer you cutting edge technology, innovative designs for your individual needs. From simple email programs, to complex software needs, we cater to your precise need, every time!

Just send us your issues and we will come up with a solution for you. We’ve also got a number of customizable business applications including

• Accounting packages
• Time attendance and Payroll solutions
• Inventory control systems
• Insurance broker systems and much more



OKWEBMASTER provides business intelligence systems which are easy to use and make information more accessible. Mainly the organizations that have successfully developed business intelligence applications have utilized the implementation of a specific business strategy to enable them to realize the much desired & planned benefits. It utilizes technical skills and business intelligence to bring the best business clarifications along with a proper plan to get the best products and also business intelligence strategies must contain the functional requirements along with the supporting technology.



It is not sufficient to create a good looking site for your organization. Hosing the site on the web, under an easily accessible URL is the key to attracting customers to your site. Unlike selecting the domain name, purchasing and registering the domain name is a hassle for most corporate customers. Further more, selecting a reliable and high speed hosting service needs technical knowledge as well as a high cost.
Let us take care of your website while you could concentrate on serving your customers. Okwebmaster offers you a number of hosting packages to select from for the lowest cost around. We guarantee you 99.9% uptime of your site with regular backups and email facility.
Contact us for more information and to select a hosting package suitable for your site.                                                                                                                                            Top


Okwebmaster’s designers are equipped with the knowledge and creativity to make all your graphic design dreams a reality. Our designers are versatile with all of the newest design technologies including CorelDraw, Autodesk CAD, Maya, Flash, and Photoshop. 

From simple logo and banner designs, to flash animations, image maps and 3D animation, Okwebmaster offers you the high end creativity for the lowest end pricing.


The goal of Content Relationship Management (CRM) is to maintain existing customers and increase sales with lower operational cost. OKWEBMASTER is capable of providing the following benefits by constructing customer relationship management systems.

• Increase of sales 
• Flexible product development and packaging of products 
• Integrated sales and campaign management
• Enhanced customer services
• Highly improved quality and efficiency
• Automation
• Customer self services

Superior business efficiency can be reached through a customer relationship management solution that supports the company's business processes and strategy-based operations.



E-commerce has become quite popular area within the World Wide Web due to its versatility and security. Okwebmaster has the knowledge and experience and has designed over national and international E-commerce websites. From simple product inventories, to fully functional online shopping web systems with Paypal, Fedex and UPS integration      



Network management involves a distributed database, auto polling of network devices, and high-end workstations generating real-time graphical views of network topology changes and traffic. In general, network management is a service that employs a variety of tools, applications, and devices to assist human network managers in monitoring and maintaining networks. Therefore OKWEBMASTER provides useful network management services to customers with a wide range of benefits.

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